Working With Intention: How to keep going when the times get tough

Wait. Hold up. You never told me that there would be tough times.

What did I sign up for again? Why am I doing this?

2 weeks into the 30-day challenge, your inner voice might be less focussed on cultivating intention and the glory of finishing 30 classes in 30 days and more prone to questioning what you got yourself into.

If that’s happening to you please know this is normal. Challenging our bodies and working with intention is hard.

It’s normal for resistance to come up.


Yes resistance.

The truth is if there wasn’t resistance you would already be living your intention.

We repeat for clarity and emphasis.

If there wasn’t resistance you would already be living your intention.

And when you meet that resistance, which can show up as self doubt, procrastination, judgement, comparison or even anxiety, you might want to give up.

Because resistance is the easy path.

Resistance is the path you already know.

Resistance is all wrapped up in the old thoughts, emotions, habits you regularly have which are largely unconscious and automatic. Resistance is the pathway your neurons are already used to travelling.

So what’s the way out?

Step One

Take a moment to congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come already! Seriously give yourself a pat on the back. High five yourself. Take a moment to be proud of what you’ve done already.

Step Two

Recognize that there are two parts of you. The part of you that longs for your intention and the part of you that longs to resist it.

Simply acknowledging that there are two sides of us can be helpful.

Liz Gilbert’s Letter to Fear talks about this duality. She talks about inspiration vs fear but you can just as easily replace the words with intention vs resistance.

Read her letter here.


Then acknowledge your own resistance, your own fear. Make a call. Take a stand. Make a commitment.

Decide once and for all which part of you gets to drive your car.