The Real Reason to Practice Yoga

Let’s Be Honest.

Many of us come to yoga for physical reasons.

We want flexible hamstrings or a stronger core or we want to learn a new arm balance that we can show off to our friends and family.

And all of those reasons do matter. They contribute to why we love this practice.

But if you stay focused merely on the physical, you miss out on all of the power yoga has to offer.

Moving your body, breathing, even directing your attention are all things you can do in a gym class, a Cross-fit class or while cycling on the boardwalk.

What makes yoga different from all these other physical exercises, is the 2,500 year-old yoga philosophy that underpins how to lead a good life.

Because it’s not just tight hips that we struggle with. It’s how to be good human.

  • How to show up for your loved ones
  • How to take care of each other
  • How to stress less over the things that don’t matter so you can focus on the ones that do
  • And how to live a life that matters.

These are all things that we truly want as humans. And we believe yoga helps us meet those needs

To better integrate the deeper aspects of yoga into our studio, Julie + Liz have been re-studying yoga philosophy.

Every month over the next year, through ongoing consultation with Dr Shyam Ranganathan, Professor of Yoga Philosophy at Schulich University, we will explore a yoga-based theme from the yoga sutras. Through our classes, blog posts, newsletters, community board and social media we will support yoga conversation and brainstorm ways we can apply the life-changing possibilities of the Yoga Sutras to our daily lives.

So that together, as a community, we aren’t just becoming more flexible and strong.

We are becoming better humans.