Queenie’s yoga journey began in 2005 when her brother introduced her to yoga and even though she could barely touch her toes, or do a single chaturanga, she instantly fell in love. Born in Hong Kong, she moved to Toronto, Canada when she was only a toddler. In 2007, she wanted to do some soul-searching and decided to make the move back to Hong Kong to rediscover her roots. Since then, she’s lived in and traveled to many different cities throughout Asia, learned to open her heart to strangers, and expanded her yoga practice to many other lineages. She has taught and practiced yoga in Toronto, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Atlanta. Now finally back in Toronto, she resides with her husband and feisty little miniature schnauzer. With all the moving around, she’s found that yoga has really helped her stay grounded, flexible (physically and mentally), and sane. Her classes are generally more fast-paced and are inspired by all the different teachers and yoga styles she has encountered throughout her travels. Her sequences encourage students to strive for the better and embrace challenges, while staying focused on the breath and listening to their inner voice. She believes that as long as you try and have fun with what you’re doing, everything will be alright. “Attitude is everything.”