Our Manifesto

Welcome to afterglow

We are the beacher, the biker, the boardwalk surfer.  We are the artist, the writer, and entrepreneur.  The outdoor worker, and work from homer. The streetcar slogger, car-commuter and walker-by.  We are the retired workout junkie, the hard-core HIIT enthusiast, the yin yogi, power yogi, and inspired yogi.  We are the toddler, the teen, and in between.

Afterglow is for you seeking spirituality.  For you who likes to sweat.  For you who wants strong arms and flexi-legs and for you who has an open-heart and desire to glow. Through breath, through movement, through mindfulness, in this space, we are all one. In yoga, in fitness, we will fuel your life.
Welcome to afterglow.

A studio, a community, a home.