We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming space with equitable access for all.

Below is a summary of our efforts to building a better and brighter Afterglow community

  • Yoga philosophy training: Julie and Liz along with some of our teachers are re-learning a more in-depth yoga philosophy with Dr. Shyam Ranganathan, PHD, Professor of Philosophy of York University. This training has been offered at a discount to our teachers who we encourage to revisit and deepen their yogic knowledge to bring authenticity and deeper teachings to their classes. We will continue to look for ways to embed yoga philosophy into our classes, our operations and our lives.https://www.shyam-ranganathan.info/
  • Yoga, Diversity + Anti-racism training with Diane Bondy . We invited all staff to join this training with Dianne Bondy to learn how to create a more inclusive and equitable environment at Afterglow. https://diannebondyyoga.com/
  • Monthly Themes: in a commitment against the colonization of yoga, we will select one theme from yoga philosophy to focus on each month. Through blog posts, daily teaching, community board discussions and ongoing education of our teachers we will work towards ensuring yoga at Afterglow includes and is reflective of yoga philosophy. We are excited about this because we believe that a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy will better support all our clients – not only on the mat but in their everyday lives. Our first theme, starting September 2020 is ahimsa.
  • We will be offering a series of Kemetic Yoga (African Yoga) Workshop for BIPOC instructed by Alicia Malcolm-Anderson
  • We will focus on carrying ethical and locally sourced products in our Glow Shop. We will also carry products that support Indigenous, black and other people of colour
  • We will continue to provide free park yoga in the summer months to increase accessibility for those with lower incomes. We will review our pricing options and look for ways to provide accessible yoga to all.

We are always open to feedback. If you see something we can do to create more equitable access for all, please reach out.