April 30 – June 3

A 5 Week Mindfulness Challenge …with tattoos!

How does the Klesha Challenge work?

During each week of the challenge, we will use the Kleshas as a foundation for becoming more mindful. Specifically, we will explore one Klesha each week (5 Kleshas, 5 weeks) and practice noticing it during our every-day.

The Kleshas are outlined in the yoga sutras and are considered poisons or afflictions of the mind. They are mental tendencies or thought patterns, common to all, which contribute to suffering and create obstacles to our own happiness. By practicing observing the Kleshas we become familiar with the notion that there is a part of us who thinks and another part of us who can observe our thoughts. Over time, as we become more mindful, our thoughts can become less sticky and have less control over us.

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Starting April 30, and every Monday during the Klesha Challenge:

  • Receive, via email, a short 1-2 minute video describing the Klesha for that week as well as tips on how to notice it.
  • Apply the appropriate tattoo for that week
  • Go about your regular life. As you notice the Klesha show up during your day, touch your tattoo. Each time you do this you will be building awareness, becoming more mindful and gaining familiarity with how your mind works..

There are optional journaling exercises to go along with the challenge as well. You can commit as much or as little time to it as you would like!

Do I need to be a member to participate?

Nope, the challenge is open to everyone. Pop into the studio at 2034 Queen Street East to buy your tattoos, then do the rest at home!

How do I sign up?

  • 1. Purchase tattoos in the Glow shop for $6 + HST.
  • 2. Sign up here to receive weekly emails during the Challenge period
  • 3. Watch your inbox for reminders, instructions, and tips!

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