Kids Yoga Classes Toronto

In this fast-paced, technology-loaded world we live in, yoga offers an opportunity for our kids to reconnect with play, mindfulness and their physicality. 

Kids ages 4-9 years old will enjoy a variety of activities and crafts as they learn about yoga. 

Each week offers a different theme, with storytelling, music, obstacle courses, games and more. Yoga and meditation are always included. They will come out of this class feeling like yogi warriors and inspired to share their practice with you. 

BONUS: Parents can take our YogaHIIT class while kids practice

 Saturdays at 9:30am while you practice Flow + HIIT | Sundays 10:15am-11:15am while parents practice Soul Flow | Drop-in class | Register online

Mommy and Toddler Yoga
Kids Yoga Classes
Toddler Yoga Classes Toronto

A program for your little one as they grow and move freely in their new toddler bodies.

Little Yogis helps to foster a sense of body awareness and mindfulness for your child.

In this class, you will join in on the fun, participating in songs, games + activities with your toddler, helping them to feel safe to express themselves while learning about yoga practices, such as meditation, poses, and more. All in a playful and creative environment! 

Ages 18 months-5 years

Offered Thursdays 11:00 – 12:00pm

Pre-registration required. 

Minimum of 4 children per group.

Sibling discount of 20% offered. 

Girls Yoga Classes Toronto
Yoga Studio For Girls
Girls Meditation Classes Toronto

A program devoted to empowering our young girls so they can navigate their way in this ever-changing world. 

Designed specifically for girls ages 9-12 when, research shows, self-esteem can start to decline. 

We teach girls how to empower themselves and support each other through gratitude, community service, empowerment practices, yoga, meditation, vision boarding and – let’s not forget – fun!


The goals of the program are:

  • To increase emotional intelligence, happiness, resiliency, and confidence through proven practices including mindfulness, self-compassion, gratitude, goal-setting and yoga.
  • To create a safe community space where girls can be themselves and learn to support each other.
  • To help girls develop a healthy body image through nutrition training and self love.
  • To teach girls the importance of giving back and working as a team by working on their own community service project.
  • To foster a process oriented rather than outcome approach.

Class offered Wednesdays at 4:30-6pm

Yoga For Teenage Girls
Flow Yoga For Teens
Yoga For Teen Girls

A program designed to help girls ages 13-15 years with the transition from tween to teen by empowering them to give back, grow together, navigate social media, and become more mindful.

Becoming a teen is linked with increased anxiety + decreased self-esteem for girls in particular. Glow Teens offers a community for our girls to feel safe, creating a sisterhood that allows the girls to learn how to support one another in healthy + nurturing ways. 


The goals of this program are:

  • foster a new attitude for girls in friendships, allowing for vulnerability, kindness and compassion to prevail
  • guide the girls through healthy body image practices, while attending to the pressures of social media and reality versus the version we see.
  • teaching girls tools for mindfulness through journaling, meditation, and contemplation
  • creating a safe space for teens to embrace their own skills and talents
  • empower the girls to know they can change the world. 
Afterglow Yoga For Teens
Teen Yoga Classes
Tween Yoga Classes Toronto
Yoga For Young Girls
Yoga For High School Girls
Yoga classes for tweens

A one hour class for growing bodies incorporating yoga, breathing exercises and mindfulness.


These programs are designed specifically to help kids:

  • increase strength and flexibility. In particular this program can help restore mobility for kids who are participating in other competitive sports. 
  • create body awareness at an early age
  • develop tools for a more mindful state of being
  • reduce levels of stress and anxiety
  • feel supported in a safe space that allows for internal reflection and physical movement
Kids Yoga classes downtown
Yoga Camp For Kids

Half-day camps for girls aged 4 to 9. This series of camps will take a holistic approach to strengthening girls from the inside out. Specifically, the goals of these camps are to:

• Focus on mind, body, and spirit and how each contributes to helping the whole girl shine more brightly.

• Use creative arts projects, movement, breath, and interactive games to plant seeds and allow girls to realize their own power.

• To help girls uncover what they love about themselves, overcoming external challenges to self-confidence

• To foster friendship, overcome challenges and increase courage!

These camps create a safe space for girls to explore challenges, uncover creative solutions, and experience empowering expansion and growth!

“My 5-year old daughter looooved this mini camp. She came away saying she’d made new friends and lots of art and can’t wait to go to another camp.”


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