Emily Demontigny Yoga Instructor



EMILY Originally from Montreal, Emily was inspired by creative & functional movement since a young age, as arts culture plays such an important role in the city. After being exclusively part of the dance and theater world, Emily decided to take up Yoga as a way to find balance and peace and she quickly fell in love with the discipline.

Within one year, Emily went from the 9-5 grind to becoming a full-time yoga instructor after receiving her first certification in 2009. Since then, she has worked with some of the most elite Montreal instructors, received her second certification in Tampa in 2016 and just recently became certified to instruct dance-inspired fitness. Emily also works closely with the circus community, deepening her love for hand balancing and working privately with coaches to inspire her students to broaden their own toolbox.

Emily’s passion for anatomy, biomechanics, and meditation continues to evolve as she becomes more aware of how important functional movement is for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Emily’s objective is to educate her students while encouraging them to become curious about their own personal capabilities, and for them to leave class feeling stronger, rejuvenated and with a better understanding of how to carry themselves through their daily lives.