Our Classes

We love a good sweat and stretch but more than that we love a class that combines mind, body, and soul. At Afterglow, you will find a variety of classes that focus on breath-connected barefoot movement. Find your centre, plant your feet and grow from there. Our classes are fun, moving meditations, set to music, led by upbeat, knowledgeable teachers, with options for all. Come play with us!

  • Vinyasa 101: For the beginner yogi or those new to Vinyasa, as well as more experienced yogis who want to improve their dogs and get back to the basics of anatomy and breath-work. We recommend new yogis take at least 4 Vinyasa 101 classes before moving on to an All-Levels flow.

  • Vinyasa Flow: A class combining breath with movement, through creative sequences. Always playful and with a little extra challenge for the advancing yogi. All classes set to music.

  • Power Flow: Tap into your inner power! Build strength and flexibility and challenge your practice with increased Vinyasas and dynamic postures that will make you sweat.

  • Core Flow: All levels Vinyasa flow with a focus on core strength to help ground and lift you through all postures.

  • Kids yoga: We believe in starting em off young! A fun, playful class for the little yogi teaching basic postures and mind-body awareness with some meditation to settle and calm their minds.

  • Cool Flow + Yin: Build heat then cool down with this all-levels class that incorporates two complementary styles of yoga. Combine both strength building postures with deep stretches and bask in a luxurious meditative savasana. Expect to feel both invigorated and at peace. All-levels.

  • Cool Flow + Restore: Build heat then cool down with this all-levels class that incorporates two complementary styles of yoga. Begin the class with an all levels vinyasa flow then fully unwind in restorative postures designed to release muscle tension and calm the nervous system. All-levels.

  • YogaHIIT: Start off with a challenging power vinyasa flow followed by a series of complementary, high-intensity intervals, which will push your arms, legs, and core to the limit. Bring a mat. No need for runners. Fun for all levels.

  • KPS: Kick, Punch and Stretch yourself into a happier and healthier you. This class is designed to help you improve your strength, fitness, and flexibility to maintain a healthy body. In K.P.S. you will learn basic to advanced KickBoxing Techniques and a stretching regimen that will help keep you loose and relaxed after a tough workout. If you’re looking for a workout that’s going to get your mind and body pumped, this is this class is for you! And you get to hit stuff…

  • Yin/Restore:

  • Functional Flow: Explore how your body functions. Increase mobility, and movement efficiency with a wide array of movements, including yoga, body weight exercises, animal flow and play.