Afterglow 30 Day BIG LIFE Challenge!



Sign up in studio for our 30 Day Challenge (latecomers welcome).

During the 30 days from January 8-February 6 2018, we want you to challenge yourself to bring more yoga, mindfulness, and meditation to your life.

Take a minimum of 20 classes (take 2 a day, or 5 in a row, mix it up and try all the classes) during the 30 days. Plus we have a sticker chart!

Put your name on our board and get a sticker for each class you take!

Make 2018 the year of more mindful habits.

2. NUTRITION: Your diet affects your mood, your practice, your energy levels, your success. During this challenge, aim to improve at least one meal per day by doing one of the following:

  • Incorporate natural, alive, good quality foods by eating 3 servings of unprocessed fruits and vegetables
  • Incorporate at least 2 anti-oxidant rich or anti-inflammatory superfoods such as avocado, salmon, lentils, blueberries, almonds, walnuts, turmeric, chia seeds, ginger and green leafy vegetables
  • Eat mindfully – Make it a goal to sit down and eat one meal without distractions. Avoid eating while on the run, watching tv or checking your phone. Chew your food slowly and savour.
  • Hydrate with water – For men, drink 13 cups (3 litres) of total beverages a day. For women, drink 9 cups (2.2 litres) of total beverages a day.

3. MINDFUL HABITS: You need both a healthy body and mind to float, flutter and fly in 2018. Mental workouts such as the ones below will help to increase happiness, focus, and calm. Aim for at least one of the following exercises per day:

  • Practice mindfulness meditation for 5 minutes
  • Write in a gratitude journal for 5 minutes
  • Perform a random act of kindness
  • Recite a mantra or affirmation for 5 minutes
  • Do something artistic (singing, drawing, playing music, taking photographs, etc) for at least 5 minutes


  • Create a foundation of health for other financial, career or personal goals you are working on.
  • Join a community of yogis on the same path committed to the same goal –
  • Receive tips, recipes, ideas and support to help you follow through on the challenge (make sure you are signed up to our social media pages) and
  • Improve physical strength, decrease anxiety, increase your energy and improve your focus.
  • Receive a goody bag and be entered into a draw to win!


  • Anyone who takes at least 20 classes during the 30 Day Challenge period will get a goody bag filled with an Afterglow tank and some of our favourite things
  • Anyone who takes our challenge and does the following will get entered into our draw for a chance to win one of 5 one-month unlimited memberships.
  1. Keep track of your classes on our Challenge board at Afterglow Studio. Receive one entry for every 5 classes taken during challenge period
  2. Post once per week about a nutrition change you have made tagging @afterglowstudio using the hashtag #afterglowbiglifechallenge and get one entry
  3. Post once per week about a mindful habit you are practicing, tagging @afterglowstudio using hashtag #afterglowbiglifechallenge
  4. Take one of our nutrition, yoga or coaching workshops in January and receive two extra entries for each one you take.


The Afterglow 30 Day BIG LIFE Challenge starts January 8 and runs until February 6, 2018.

You know you were born to be a life-changer, a joy-spreader, butterfly-chaser, and a dream-maker. We believe in you – the one who’s capable of greatness, goodness, bigness. One day, one asana, one meal, one meditation at a time.